About T.A.C.T



The Annuity Consultants

The Annuity Consultants is a prominent resource to independent agents/advisors who are serious about providing superior solutions to their clients. As a Fixed and Index annuities specialist, we share our in depth knowledge of the benefits and particulars of competing annuity contracts. The Annuity Consultants staff has knowledge of, and access to Major Insurance Carriers at meaningful levels of contact. These qualities separate us from any other annuity FMO in the industry.

We’re a Boutique FMO working hands on with agents/advisors to develop their fixed and indexed annuity business. Our primary goal is to add value by educating independent agents/advisors, on how fixed annuities can be utilized in wealth building and income planning.

There will be a winnowing of producers this year, but the survivors will do more business with a more diversified model, which will result in long-term success.

The more you know about which products and features are selling best, which sales and marketing tactics are resonating most and what’s happening on the product development front, the bigger edge you’ll have in finding annuity-based solutions for clients and, in the process, fortifying your practice.

Relentless Service

Our unparalleled dedication to your financial success. A relationship built on trust, supported by a company built on experience, stability, and innovation.

We look for the best ways to educate and simplify the products we offer so that the advisors we work with can educate their clients. Knowledge is the most important tool to have when it comes to planning for the future. We take pride in all aspects of what we do and hope that it shows!

We specialize in financial education and the management of fixed and indexed annuity business.

We don’t sell products; we teach and guide you. If an annuity is not the right fit we are not afraid to discourage the sale and suggest looking at other options.